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Air Experience Flight

Air Experience Flight Voucher
Air Experience Flight Voucher

We are currently not selling Air Experience Flight vouchers. 

However if you already have a voucher we look forward to flying you.  Please contact the office to book your slot.

For anyone who thinks that they might like to take up gliding, or looking for a thrilling day out, or as an unusual gift, or for the merely curious, an air experience flight is an ideal introduction to this exhilarating sport.

In common with many other gliding clubs belonging to the British Gliding Association, we offer members of the public the chance of experiencing the thrill of silent flight at first hand.

You will have a flight of approximately 20 minutes with an instructor in one of our  two seat training aircraft. You can elect to take the controls yourself, perhaps take photographs or a video, or just experience the sensations.

Depending on the weather you might experience hill lift, soar in thermals, fly in "wave" or simply float down from an aerotow (up to about 2,500 feet). Either way it is the experience of a lifetime floating quietly and effortlessly above some of Scotland's most spectacular countryside. From a typical aerotow you can see the local hills, the Ochils and Loch Leven.  You can often see across the Forth and Tay, and sometimes as far as the Grampians.

If you decide you want to take up gliding, we can upgrade your Air Experience flight to a Learn to Glide package - contact the office for details.

Air Experience flights are available during some evenings during the summer months (start of April to the end of August). Other times are sometimes possible.  Contact the office for more details.

We use our modern, rugged, 2-seater, dual-control, high-performance gliders for air experience flights, and the pilot will be an experienced British Gliding Association (BGA) qualified instructor.

The Small Print

There are some legal and safety restrictions on persons taking air experience flights. Children must be 14 years of age or older.  Under 18s will require a parent's or guardian's written consent.

People much heavier than 16 stones or unusually tall or short people may not be able to fly in our gliders. There are also a few medical conditions which may make it unsafe to fly. If you are uncertain or want to discuss things first please contact the club for further information.

Please see our tariff for details of these and other learn-to-fly courses.

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