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Evening Course 2013
Have you ever wanted to learn to fly but just couldn't find the time at the weekends? Then come to the Scottish Gliding Centre evening classes at Portmoak Airfield near Kinross and join an evening course dedicated to teaching newcomers how to fly a glider.
Training is carried out in the Scottish Gliding Centre's modern, rugged, 2-seater, dual-control, high-performance gliders under the supervision of experienced British Gliding Association (BGA) qualified instructors, and follows the BGA's syllabus with the emphasis on flying. Instruction on flying theory, air law and navigation are fitted around this if there is a spell of poor weather, but every opportunity is taken to get into the air. The Scottish Gliding Centre is located very close to 2 extensive hill ridges which give soarable conditions in almost all weather conditions and of course depending on the time of year, thermal or wave activity is also possible. In previous years, the course has usually experienced at least one evening of wave conditions in which students have flown to 10,000 feet and been as far afield as Dundee and Montrose.
Course Structure
One of the SGC's ASK-21 training gliders The course will run on Thursday evenings starting on April 4th. Flying lessons will start with a briefing at the launch point at 5:00pm. You will be expected to attend regularly (keeping in touch with the theory lessons on any unflyable evenings).

Demand has always been high and so consistent absentees will be asked to give way to students who are able to attend regularly. All course members will be actively involved in running the flying operation. Flying continues until dusk.
Course Costs
One of the SGC's ASK-21 training gliders There will be no course fee as such, but all course members will be required to buy one of the club's "Learn to Glide" packages prior to the first night of lectures (please see here for the full details of this package). The three month membership will commence from the date of the first flight and membership will allow you to fly 7 days of the week as often as you like.
Once you have accumulated your first *220 of flying fees, you will need to make regular payments to cover your additional flying fees. Assuming that you are still enjoying the sport after 3 months, you will then need to pay an additional *187.50 + 31 BGA/SGA capitation to extend your membership for a further 9 months.
More Details
For further details of flying at the Scottish Gliding Centre see our web pages at or to enrol now contact the club.

*Correct at the time of publication however prices are subject to change if the club tariff changes.
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