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Beginning Gliding
The Scottish Gliding Centre offers a complete range of gliding courses to suit your availability, experience level and pocket.

For the complete novice you could perhaps try a trial flight to see what it's all about. Alternatively you could consider a Mini Course which will enable you to get over your first natural feelings of amazement and really start to find out what flying a glider is all about. The popular evening flying course is intended to take absolute beginners ('ab-initios' in gliding language) up to or towards solo standard depending on your aptitude.
There is also the recently introduced 'Learn to Glide' package which includes three months membership.

In addition to these the SGC offers week long courses for pilots of any experience level and whilst these are frequently chosen by ab-initios, or for an adventure holiday, they can be tailored to suit early solo pilots, those aspiring to bronze badge, embryonic cross-country pilots etc.

All training is carried out in the Scottish Gliding Centre's modern, rugged, 2-seater, dual-control, high-performance gliders under the supervision of experienced British Gliding Association (BGA) qualified instructors and follows the BGA's syllabus. Have a look at the web pages for the various courses and if you have any questions or if you want to discuss what's right for you, please contact the club.
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