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This page is intended to contain pdf files of the text of all Letters of Agreement between the SGC and the respective ATC units. It also contains data files for use in PDAs showing the areas of airspace covered by each LoA. These data files are provided in good faith, but may contain errors or may have become out of date. Pilots are responsible for checking the validity of the data they are using.

If you are using SeeYou Mobile you may need to activate "Glider sector" in the Airspace section on the PDA to see the two closest airways: N864 (above, Sat & Sun) and P600 (6nm northwest).
For some reason SeeYou Mobile shows them only if "Glider sector" is activated and appropriately coloured.
LoA for the purpose of: Official Documents as PDF Relevant Airspace Mapping Files as TNP (.air)/ Open Air (.txt) Special Notes
Permitting access to P600 and the Scottish TMA to conduct soaring Portmoak LOA.pdf Portmoak.air
Permitting access to P600 and N864 for the purpose of crossing Class A Airspace P600 Crossing LOA.pdf Airway_Crossing.air
LoA requires signature and CFI counter-signature every 12 months
Permitting Gliders to cross Edinburgh's Class D Airspace BGA-EGPH-EGPF-PC LoA Edinburgh.air
Permitting Gliders to Access Class C Airspace in TRA(G)'s TRA(G) LOA.pdf
TRA(G) Annex A.pdf
TRA(G) Annex B.pdf
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