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Payment of Flying Accounts
Visitors and members will realise that the SGC aims to fly throughout the vast majority of the daylight hours. It is not realistic to keep the office open throughout these hours, so we have for many years operated a self-help system. Flying fees and payments can be monitored on the computer (located by the payphone) by entering your membership number.

Clearly the data in the computer can never be completely up to date, so please make allowance for flights that have not yet been transferred from the log sheets and for payments that are still awaiting collection from the safe. If you find any errors, please print the offending page and leave it in the night safe with a brief explanation of the error.

Please note that all payments should be made by cheque or cash deposited in the night safe below the office window or by debit card during office hours. Alternatively, payment may be made by direct transfer into the club bank account (see notice by the accounts computer for the club’s bank details).

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