The Board


Chairman Bob Petrie 01383 729323
07749 127882
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Vice-Chairman Mike Forster Send Mail
Secretary Phil Dolan 07725 576102
07500 947442
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Treasurer Malcolm Chalmers Send Mail
 Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Bruce Duncan Send Mail
 Fleet Maintenance  David Carus 01382 755448
07957 480208
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Property Ken Robertson Send Mail
- Ken Henderson Send Mail

Ordinary Members with Special Responsibilities

Winchmaster John Dunnington Send Mail
Safety Wolf Rossmann 07534 240767
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Airspace John Williams 01592 840779
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Tug Master Colin Hamilton Send Mail
Cadets Alan Boyle 01738 8511904
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Chief Flying Instructor Mike Carruthers 07436 275140
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Grass Cutting Volunteers John Galloway Send Mail
Drainage & Airfield Z Goudie
Webmaster Sally Woolrich 07793 452788
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