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Trial Flight Briefing
These notes are intended to give you some information on how to set about taking a trial flight at Portmoak.

The voucher system does not require you to decide what day you want to fly at the time of buying the voucher (although of course you can do this if you want to!) after all, the weather isn't too predictable and you will probably want to come on the day when your flight will be most enjoyable. The club operates a booking system for Trial Flights and we ask that you call us and book your flight at least a week in advance. On the day of your flight, please phone the club before you leave home to confirm that the weather is suitable for flying (Portmoak weather is not always the same as even quite nearby because of the proximity to the hills and loch), and also confirm that you will be coming for your trial lesson. We fly all year round even in quite windy weather (gliders fly in much windier conditions than most small power aeroplanes and at Portmoak wind makes for good flying conditions) but not generally when it is raining or snowing. Trial flights are available during the evenings on Mondays and Tuesdays during the summer months. If you are unable to come please let us know so that we can reschedule the day's flights. We make no charge for changing your flight times as long as we are informed in advance.

Please endeavour to arrive at Portmoak at least 15 minutes prior to your flight as there are a few formalities to observe and the airfield is a big place. If you come by car as most people do, park in the car-park at the clubhouse -you can't miss it - do not drive out onto the airfield. When you arrive please report to the office in the clubhouse which is immediately on your left as you enter, and speak to our front of house manager. If for some reason you can't find her (she is quite busy) go through into the main clubroom where you will certainly find someone. Whoever you talk to will ask you to complete a Temporary Membership form (this is a legal requirement for insurance purposes) and if possible introduce you to your instructor. Children under the age of 18 will require to have their form signed by a parent or guardian. Your instructor may not be available as (s)he may be already airborne with another guest and in this case you will be introduced to another member who will conduct you to the launch point. Please ensure that you have your voucher ready, as the instructor who flies with you will require this.

It is not necessary to wear special clothing for gliding, but airfields can be quite chilly places and apart from the height of summer warm clothing is advisable. You may want to consider some form of headgear and/or gloves. Modern gliders have enclosed cockpits and although not heated, are quite comfortable. Ladies may find it more convenient to wear trousers and flat shoes. (Trainers are ideal or, depending on the recent weather, some sort of waterproof footwear - not Wellington boots though!)

You are welcome to spend time in the clubhouse and/or have a snack or a meal before or after you fly but you should plan to arrive at the launch point at least 15 minutes prior to your flight time. When you arrive you should inform the duty pilot that you have arrived. We will try to ensure that your flight is kept to the scheduled time.
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